Goals and Objectives

1)      Utilize GPC’s broad technical experience in the areas of drilling general prospect generation, producing property acquisition and operations.

2)      Exploit the existing business relationships of Griffin & Associates to locate drilling and acquisition opportunities.

3)      Generate sound geological drilling prospects which have good economic potential and that can be acquired with reasonable burdens of lease bonus and royalty.

4)      Drilling prospects will usually be technology driven, ie., 3-D Seismic, Horizontal Drilling, etc.

5)      Evaluate various funding alternatives for producing property acquisitions such as non-recourse (“Mezzanine”) financing, private placements, etc.

6)      Acquire producing properties that are economically viable under constant pricing scenarios and which will, in most cases, have unvalued upside potential.

7)      Consider periodic asset and/or equity sales to maintain liquidity.

8)      Drill and Acquire properties that are operated primarily by Griffin Petroleum Company. Provide efficient maintenance and exploitation expertise with reasonable overhead costs.

9)      Keep the staff and overhead at a manageable and efficient level.